Sunday, April 3, 2011

Success after 28 years

Wow moment for the team had come at the right moment . The events preceding tthis moment, over a year and half were overwhelming. There were plenty of hurdles , expectations, hopes prayers .With those prayers ,answered , hopes fulfilled ,niggles, gently managed, team India arrived at a place where every other cricket team would dream of.

Dhoni's captaincy has been the talk of the tournament .He was always been questioned about his moves and choices , luckily , he got all of them right! He couldn't have been more categorical to his naysayers , when he explained the possible questions that might arise if the team ended up in the losing side .This shows how the captain is not overwhelmed by the triumph , but also looks into what ifs and what nots ( like 12 bmovie huh? ).Dhoni the man is lauded here, a true leader. With all the passion running high , only god knows what would have happened , if the team had lost. My fullest respects to our captain .

Sachin ! is the unifying factor in the team, it was very good of the young boys to dedicate this victory to the master. Sachin couldn't have asked for more . More than the cup the dedication and respect shown by his team mates is one worthy thing none can get that easily. HE is one true god of cricket !

Now what , the the team is having a windfall from this world cup.There are some people questioning the volume of gifts being given to the players. It should be understood that, half of the present players in the team had chosen this profession during their early days of childhood just for the passion of the game rather than for earning money ,unlike the present MBAs, ( MLAs too ??) , Software engineers , bankers etc. The distinction here is very clear, it is passion vs money. If the cricketers are to be questioned for their windfalls, then the entire society is to be questioned.

1983 winners were paid some meagre amount when compared to the professions of that time, but still they played on, enthralled the spectators with their athleticism .The momentum gained then ,had now ended as one phenomenon . So here, instead of getting into this issue of why cricketers being more ,the topic should be shifted to get into the details of what takes for any sport to get to the stature and the following cricket had got in India.

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