Monday, March 15, 2010

Being human

Tracing our origins back to 10k years.We were A lonely ,unsociable , sky-clad race benefited from the evolution , stood erect , chin up , from then on never looked down and never failed to look down upon the fellow beings. . This race defied the common rules,turned a workaholic to stand-out among other races , among themselves. The race divided, fought for supremacy , ran after fame, shattered the earthly rules, the other earthlings revered and feared this race's lunacy . The race did not have the slightest regard for the environment, while the nature stood watching in silence .

The nature showed some signs of protest, in form of calamities. Then the race's race slowed down ,It stood and watched the mess it had created. The nature's determinism grew (growing ), the race protested against this injustice, cursed the rain god , sun god, the remaining elements, but, never failed to correct itself. The fellow earthlings continue to pay the heavy price for the human race's folly. The protests(nature's )came in form of climate change, This race didn't budge . the protests continued in form of calamities , this race didn't bother.Luxury became a basic necessity for one part of this race, while basic necessities are at the farthest for another part of this race, A determined group of this race tries to correct this anomaly, but ends up far from the faintest form of success, as a result the 'unfortunates' of this race had lost the race (the race for mere existence).

So strange are the ways of this race.The nudity then (pre-historic times ), was seen as obscene and uncharacteristic of the race possessing the 'sixth sense' , the nudity now is seen as a creative expression .This race is a vociferous proponent of peace , and struggles to arrive at it by waging war!. Every aspect is now subjected to economics (it's favourite subject), be it a life threatening disease , a war, the under-lying motive would be money and more money.On the pretext of working up the economics , it works up selfishness , greed, creed, arrogance and what not!.

The bond between mother and child is determined by whether we use 'j & J ' soap or some other XXvita nourishing drink . The friendship is determined by , bands ,greeting cards. love is determined by V-days, so on for the other remaining relationships and emotions. At the backdrop , is, a determined group of money-making goons, who , undoubtedly belong to this race.

This race (for nothing ) will end , only when the materialism ends and a wave of humanism begins. Warming up the earth and living in an air-conditioned room is not the answer for the present condition of the earth nor the nuclear tests ,the weapon for peace. The harmony with nature is the way ahead for a sustainable future. Being human , and not being humane is the cause for all this disorderliness. Ample usage of the sixth sense , in-sync with the nature's laws , for the benefit of all is an immediate necessity .

Any effort to correct the faults ends up in political,social , economical mangle . Going by the present trends, this race is heading for a finish , which may not be a good one, though.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Things came as a shocker to me.. not cleared the mains exams this time.Dont know what went wrong.

The dream of being a civil servant exists in a distance . My rhetoric was not accepted by the examiners. A lakh other desperadoes are going to appear this year along with me ,wonder how things going to shape up. What did success really mean to me?Is it a product of hardwork or just random probability of one's lethargy ? well i did my hard work , cant blame my dedication to get through this exam.

The next step , is again a big step .courage and efficiency are crucial for ending this butchery . I am sitting now lost for words , ideas and sleep. Things would 've been really easy , if i had opted for an easier career. Now easiness or uneasiness is really out of question , considering the hopes of well wishers and my parents in particular. From now on i shall make a point to drop in a word or two in this virtual space .