Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The climate is yet to change

Winter goes, Autumn comes,Autumn goes Spring, springs! spring goes summer comes this rythm is predicted to go and thus, one long spell of summer is to stay.This can be the best and simple way to explain the major catastrophe called the climate change!.. so when people on earth are making hay while the sun is shining , the green house gases up above ,are refusing to make 'way-up' for the sun's rays .Roughly some ten years back ,major powers of the world, have made some bold moves to control the green-house gases . the developments gave birth to objectives, that were to be met some twenty years later, these objectives formed the skeletal system of kyoto protocol.. which plans to curb to control the carbon emissions by 2010.

Then followed by this,Copenhagen turned out to be 'uncopeable -haggen ', But now the divide is clear, The Top billion are not coping up with the demands of the bottom-billion . The outcome is a brilliant transformation of a environmental issue into a political one.

Atmosphere doesn't have a boundary folks! It is combination of loose molecules and atoms, it doesn't bother to add as much Co2 or as much methane to it, it embraces all. The intricacies of pollution is unknown to it.It gently glides from one continent to another continent, from a pole to another. It respects gravity , and doesn't care understand human's laxity.All it does is a mere existence, for a billion years. The living beings are blessed with a quota of 25%, and are destined to live with it throught their subsistence. All this thing revolving around this issue is quite comical.
Imagining a scenario , in which an amicable solution had been achieved and, the recalcitrant states have obliged to the demands of each other, what will follow is ,climate offences, one state pointing other for emissions and others denying. This will snow-ball into another cold-war and situations like nuclear apartheid (they call so!) The elites will reign again through this carbon trading system, and others will be denied to pollute . The notion of development through pollution is the reason for this. The search for alternatives are on.

Now,to pollute or not to pollute is the question. The question whether we want to see our progenies live in the same environment we lived.If so , then the course to follow is, wiping off the political color and considering ,climate change as a 'pure environmental issue', to maximum as an, developmental one. Decisions should to be made in unity with equity and without vanity.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Whoah! The cricket fans were took for a roller coaster ride for six weeks!!.. the six week ride comprised sudden turns ,twists, slaps,cries..oohs and aahs! the whole package was made and marketed in such a manner that it guaranteed 100 %entertainment!...The ipl discovered new fan following, right from aunties to grannies who were lured away from the 'evergreen' soaps.. It was alleged that, at some homes , the TV remotes was punched atleast two to three times between the breaks of the 'mega-serials' switching between IPL and the prime soaps.. The success rate of IPL was 100%,As a result, it(IPL) made almost everyone wait to for the next season..

The IPL is actually a replica of ICL which again is a imitation of English Premiere league. As a result, the franchises were devoid of english players, It was speculated that the 'English' might come up with their own league in future, but, does it have all the money BCCI has ? this question makes it(english version of IPL) a distant dream for the english..

So ,the Final which was no ordinary match, went on till the last ball was bowled, finally the team rajasthan royals which showed impeccable performance under the 'stewardship' of the spin legend 'Shane Warne' clinched the the Inaugral IPL Cup. However the performance of Chennai Super Kings cannot go understated!.. which put a tough fight throughout.

Lalit Modi,Chairman and Commissioner of the Indian Premier league, President of Rajasthan Cricket Association, Vice President of Punjab Cricket Association and Vice President of the BCCI..was called the brain behind the IPL format.He might be called so, assuming that very less we know how far the IPL resembled with the rebel league ICL.. which was ridiculed and bullied just because it brought a format which was about to bring huge revenues to the essel organisation. The attention and reception IPL got, sidelined the rebel league which went without a trace. though ICL has chances of coming up with new seasons with more flashy-fundas, chances of the equal attention and reception IPL got, is quite bleak . But, there are players who had opted for ICL also , consequently ICL starts to a be refugee camp for understated ranji players.

Many feel that the cricketing greats such as Lara ,Cairns and Bond should have waited for the IPL to materialize. there were players like Mohamad Yousouf sitting along with the cat on the wall, ended up staying on the wall . ICL future seems to be bleak with the rise of IPL and the players, especially the foriegn players might choose the greener side of the this format,called IPL which will render ICL colourless , which might lead to the end of ICL and noway can the rebel league unseat the national league, the IPL!