Thursday, June 17, 2010


The mind begs for coherence, the heart longs for that youthful effervescence , the persona gets disoriented, while the fighting continues to reason out and prevent the impending chaos. Nothing concrete happens, the buzz continues , it continues...

Friday, June 4, 2010

Addicts of aftermath!

The recent events of mishaps and accidents is really disturbing. The proposals of agencies and parastatals are reigning the aftermath of such incidents , and the debate regarding the efficacy and legality of the proposals is staged and altogether the core issue is side stepped .

182 , 54 ,74, 56 . though the number of casualties of various accidents varies, the response more or less remains the same. foresight and sound infrastructure combined with monitoring mechanisms, could have avoided , at the least could have minimised the casualties in the recent incidents.Safety concerns crop up , only after the barrier of safety is breached. The barrier obviously a product of lackadaisical effort of god knows who.

The charred remains of the bodies , the lifeless battered remains of juveniles, gives sad picture of how fragile a human life is. The state has a major role to play in avoiding such incidents.Considering the things after these accidents , blaming the pilot or spinning the mystery factor , can save the government , but the immediate role of the state to safe-guard the lives of innocent civilians would largley remain unaddressed .

Welcome to national unsafety aboard!