Monday, February 14, 2011

People ,The Gift of Egypt

Been a while since i posted. It is a result of long paucity of thoughts, but not until the recent Egyptian revolution . This unity factor in the Egyptian uprising was mind-boggling

From Egyptian Revolution , what iminent is the fact that, any force met with opposition of a true force of democracy is bound to fizzle out. Even though plenty of other factors played in toppling the dictatorial government , like say, Military's cooperation , west's non-intervention( which otherwise would have added the unwanted "color" to this revolution ) ,what stands out is the fact that people resorted to non-violent means in achieving the unachievable. Vital facts are not at my disposal to elaborate and analyze this democratic phenomenon and that is not my intent in this post too.

It is about the intangible force that a society possesses to safeguard its interest and the 'reasonable' interests of the world. The force of unity which is largely absent in our country , gave way to many social evils , eviler than the pre-independent India. The vices of corruption, bribery,violence,continue to co- exist with the structures which are meant to correct them . This sort of existence not only fails to correct the evils but also leads to many other problems .

There are messiahs in our society who fight against the societal evils and end up on the receiving end as if they are misfit in the society , the recent Binayak Sen's case standing testimony to this .Why such a positive interventions are pillorized ? The answer is Unity or the connivance of the evil forces on the other side, the evil side !. Why the society does not want an just , safe and secure environment? doesn't it want the children to thrive in a society devoid of ills?., if yes ,then why is the cohesiveness is a big amiss ?,if a evil force can 'unite' to thwart good, why can't the so called good unite too? and why does that unison happens only during candle light marches , and debating during aftermaths of tragic events? All these questions are not new .they have been asked repeatedly only to be turned down by the same disinterested "candle-light marching , debating, all talk no action people "

The recent murder of a college girl in a broad day light gives frightening picture of what this society is evolving into, and , what is more shocking is that, no mortal came forward to give eye-witness. What are we really?

No leader , no Politician, can bring about a change for the society that doesn't want to change.

Problems are not human specific , or religion specific , or caste specifc, If a person from a particular religion is mobbed, it is not religious problem, It is a scoietal problem

With the world cup around the corner, I see advertisements flashing with, young and old charged up with 'so called patriotism' cheering for India, but ,fail to do so when the same Cricket is ridden with controversies. How long will it take to convert the same energy into this. How long will it take to protest against discrepancies in cricketing world (read IPL) .

Keeping aside cricket , taking day to day events which have serious effects on the society invites lackluster response . Candle light marches and subsequent anniversaries of bizzare events that follow, are definitely a blunt response to a very serious problem . How long the society is going to tolerant and self-centered . It was'nt the way it is during the pr-independence era. Barring a few, majority of the Indians were united in demand for independence .Why was independence was such a necessity then? How different is the free India now .I feel it(society ) is still ridden social evils , repression etc very native to the colonial era.

Egypt , a case to be referred in each and every democratic forum . A MILITARY government enjoying the support of THE west was overthrown in a matter of 18 days is no joke. optimists may argue that we Indians are tolerant race , and time will come when the tolerant Indian will turn into a torrent against the evils , but a strong disagreement to this also prevails . Disagreement because of the direction in which world is shaping in to and the increasing role of India in the Worldly affairs.

The growth and soft-power status and west's interests in India , makes the people search for their share in the increasing economic activity . There can only be less moral factor in attaining the economic goals in this set-up

I see there is no problem with various systems, Procedures and structures in India . There needs to be an "attitudinal shift" rather than a political shift. Shift from Saffron,Red,Green and an attitude that accomodates the diversity , question (with unity ) the ills ,relentless pursuit for justice.

Jai Jawan,Jai Kisan , Jai Hind

The above post was written Pre- Anna Hazare's campaign against corruption . Was expecting something of this sort, Though were involvement of some comical elements ,(like say, unwarranted participation of Bollywood faces and why do they show their made up pretty face n every other occassion?? Phew!) ,It kind of reflects the common man's anger, but not fully . It is just a spark to ignite the ignominy of corruption and its cousins . Hope the movement moves in its destined path .

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