Sunday, April 25, 2010


I, PHEW and YELL!!! ,for ?.. phew for the controverisies. Yell for CSK's victory!. But, it was rather colourless .The presentation ceremony was one of the boringestestest!. Ravi shasthri's age is showing, he lost his charming self. If not for Harsha bhogle, the commentary box would 've made the television, really look like an idiot box!.

Dhoni,was saying about how well he loved being with the team members and getting to know each of them.Hope the re-auctions doesn't ruin the team's chirpiness and combinations, one of the best teams without any intra-team peskiness , cudos for the captain and team management.

Modi, is yet to churn out more controversies for us to consume and enjoy, Lets look forward to that too.The rest of the year without IPL is the most difficult part.Couple of tournaments to follow, but none can have the flavor of this league.

WHISTLE PODUAAAAAAAAY!!!!! Great going guys, Hope CSK has a victory march in Chennai.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


It is quite uneasy and curious for me, when people say they miss Chennai badly, For, i have never been out of this city for more than ten days. I have come across many social networking sites, displaying words in bold caps ,conveying how badly they miss this city and the thrill it offers, the grumblings of my friends in their sojourns outside Chennai , In addition to it, I am seeing the foriegn players of CSK ( and non-sporting foreign brethren too ) have endless deliberations with the media of the city's charm.What makes this city so damn special. Does a Mumbaikar feel the same when he ventures out of his city too? Or for that matter it could be anyone , who had their lives entwined with a particular place ( I hear a donkey bray at this sound analysis , or friends would politely ask "Are you Mr Socrates's blood relation ?).

But, What charm does Chennai has for its citizens? I am planning to discover these aspects, and of course, post it along.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Saving public ryan

With the disinvestment threats looming large, the PSUs are on the verge of being wiped from our social landscape. PSUs are the evidence of state's presence, and in the past the welfare state is identified with the number of product and services it offered to its citizen. All was well!, we were able to do justice to our NAM (non-alignment movement ), we could say that we 'the socialists' in spirit and theory (constitution ) ,We stood alone amidst hostilities from western corners of the globe .The west grew! it engulfed the smaller states infected them with its privates ( not with STDs ), it had its say, bullied the naysayers, It continued till we were forced to surrender due to external pressures.

Economics replaced the social commitments during the liberalisation era, The PSUs were seen as failed organisations and many changes were brought reduced their number . The present state is pretty confused , whether to comply or not comply. if complied what is the meaning of the presence of the word Socialist democratic republic in our preamble ?. ok now that we had tasted the so called 8% growth , we are bound to show-off to the world. So disinvestment and like measures may follow to contain the deficits .

The recent crisis showed even the so called Pvt Corps, are vulnerable and if they fail , the result is more nastier than when the PSUs fail. The thing about private corps is that, they are saved , nursed back to their exploiting best , at the cost of tax-payers. The same crisis when looms on PSUs the matter is dealt with iron hand, and bullying . The moral obligation of social service and liabilities are largely missing in the services of Pvt corps, and when events such as BHOPAL gas tragedy , Deep horizon oil spill happens, we search for laws and sub -clauses to punish them.

A re-think is needed for reviving the PSUs or bringing the spirit of service morals to Pvt corp.The latter if happens, then Sahara would blossom. The good old PSUs now parnering with the Pvt is another viable option in this present irreversible globalisation era. It adds the 'moral servicing' factor to the pvt and also has the whip when the Pvt ,errs.

The increasing interdependency between nations ,especially between the Developed and under-developed can be used to tie their national organisations through technology transfers for global and local service deliveries, this could minimise the complexities that frequently crops up in WTO issues , will also smoothen the regional integration processes, and totally eliminates the Pvt corp intermediaries.

Now,The great Indian perestroika awaits increasing public character in service delivery to wipe the ills of poverty , malnutrition and exploitation. Innovation and bright minds , can bring about drastic changes in publics, altogether going private gives room for future problems , especially for a country like India.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

IPL appeal

Whoa ! not even half way through, the revenue meters for this 3 year old tournament , have already shot up. Seems this is not enough!.Kochittes and Punaittes have registered themselves to this tournament for the next year. The number of matches to be played next year is gonna be around 94! (why not a century here?? ).

This year was no less fun !.Mandira Bedi was missing (should i call that fun or loss) , Lanky Gaurav and few good boys have joined to anchor the tournament . This year Cuttack was under attack of the IPL's entertainment bandwagon , so was Ahmedabadh and Shimla (no match was played there yet) .

The advertisements!. Innovative ways were found to insert the advertisemnets here and there.

1. In one match a ball was lofted to the boundary , The ball was about to meet the head of a policeman near the boundary, the policeman avoids the meet .The commentators , announced that it is definitely a' citi 'moment of success. citi here is citi bank i think. similarly many such successful moments were tagged with citi.

2. Karbonn catches. letting some people who lack the required amount of dexterity to catch the ball. who at times do disappoint and catch the ball , to snatch the karbon mobiles.

3. Blessed are the advertisers , when the bowler takes a long run-up. in that 15 seconds , couple of ads are gingerly inserted.

4. DLF maximum sixes .Karbon Kamal catches!

5. Tactical time outs.! wonder how much one could stratergise in the given 2 and a half minutes. Unmistakably thats for the benefit of the advertisers .

6. Not to forget that MRF blimp hovering over the stadium! and frequent thrust from the camera men and commentators to show a close up of it, on the pretext of admiring it (for each and every game)

What was missing in this IPL ?

The camera that hovers over the pitch , controlled remotely . Quite a good innovation, but cant really dodge the blitkreigians of the IPL, perhaps thats the reason it was removed.

The gender equity in cheer-leading was done away with. Only ladies this time!

Sharukh has limited presence, So KKRS are feeling good about their presence at top of the points- table (superstition is that, Sharukh present = game lost).

IPL has definitely brought extra- appeal ,that cricket already had . This had done lots of good for the welfare of the domestic players , Who now have additional space to showcase their talents and get into the 'national team' . IPL is here to stay!