Thursday, November 29, 2007

Here !

After another brief dormancy, i shall let my ideas and proceedings sprout here again, regularly if possible...
And where were we?.. yeah, my stint in CTS started and ended!.i was able to restrict my aversions to C++, C, Java only for four months, in that four months, i should say, i had FUN!.These four months ! very crucial period in my life. one among ten thousand and odd is acceptable in a country,city, but in a building?..thats how i spent my four months in the IT world. fun factor revolved around some wonderful people i befriended with in my batch, 8 fun-loving people who made my stay,a pleasant stay.

I entered the IT with a pre-notion that 'i am not going to be here (the IT company) for more than 5 months', after that?.. yeah! after those dreadful months with java ,Now! I had started my preparations for UPSC exams..Initially, i thought it is brave and sensible decision, but my thoughts differed with me .i suffered enough conflicts, after much scrutiny, I submitted my resignation.Now,I really dont know what is in store for me , often i had thought that i 've made a hasty decision.But, what is life, without risk? This not a point to decide, how worthy is your decision said my mind , therefore i agree with what my mind says..