Sunday, April 29, 2007

Some five days back , I was commuting back home from college in a mtc bus.seated in the not so comfortable confines of my window-seat ,absorbed in the buzzing activities of the city..The rapport between the driver and the conductor, evident from the sound of the whistle, the lamenting passengers, smell of sweat and damp, everything caught my unawares when a lady, shabbily dressed with a child about three year old sat next to me..both looked dirty, poverty ridden…the lady must be in her late teens..the child dozed off immediately!,after acquiring the seat next to me..i understood their need for a seat , despite the ‘gender’ division prevalent in the mtc buses of the state.. Atleast, in buses they (ladies) were allotted 60% seats over the males..(Including the long back seat, yeah they are meant for ladies only)..but,generally I ‘ve seen some arrogant females conquering seats meant for the gents also, my blood boils when I see that,especially when I travel after playing ..more when I am in a bad mood!..i grit it out, anyway!...
So,this lady I am talking about, must ‘ve faced difficulties of sorts. And destined to face many. appeared to be cool and undeterred at my presence, at this proximity.. absorbed in some thought staring at some point in the ground..and the child sleeping sweetly. The child hung her head,twisted turned , and at this point , our lady turned brutal, she caught a good lump of the child’s hair and disturbed its roots and scalp fiercely by pulling! At a moment, I thought her neck was ripped off her body!..i was shocked, the child let out a deafening cry!..i realized that, she did that to make the child to be awake.and.again the child hung her head and attempted to rest, again a pull!!.. This time accompanied with a slap! ..i felt like yelling at the lady!..the child again tried a sleep, again a fatal treatment!..i badly wanted to abandon the seat and stand in some corner of the bus, since it was not welcoming sight .unfortunately, the bus was jampacked!..luckily I had a chance to glance at the lady , at that brief moment I conveyed my thoughts….’Why the hell are u treating your child like this”.?? As if she got what I tried say suddenly kept the child between us and laid the child on my lap and she stood and continued to gaze at the point in the ground. now the child, sleeping on my side and I promised the child a disturbance-free nap. After some 20 mins, the child was shook to sanity by a slap on the head!..oh my god!..the stop has come!..when I was about to get down, after giving a disgusted look at the female, i felt a tap on my shoulder,turned and saw that lady thrusting me my cap , which I’d left in the seat by mistake..and she shed one congenial smile, I didn’t !.. I heard people talking about child abuse and all that! And I just saw it live.. I failed to stop it, perhaps I should‘ve stole that one brief moment

Monday, April 9, 2007

bat and ball

Well,Mahathma Gandhi wouldn't 've ended 'march',if he had known 'April' is hotter...(please,ignore this statement)...In this heat one can only afford to be lazy, and stay indoors..but ,i tried to be different.i always fancy this sport,called cricket,and this fancy earned me a sun-tan! how??. I attended CTS practise match in Anna university grounds,hoping to be picked and squeezed into the playing eleven . got a few acquanitances in the team and came to know that most of the team mates were younger to me,after knowing this some sort of arrogance creeped into my timid mind..the team was divided and the play commenced .After the openers ate some initial overs, i was given a chance to wield the willow.. without formal exposure to standard cricket(Apart from viewing and cheering),i donned the pads and gloves and ehmm..what they called a bat..(i speculated the possible reasons for the absence of,the bottom chunk of the bat, given to me, could (a)starving rats,that mistook bat for grains (b) rebellious termites,that dared to eat up the termite repellant bats),with half a bat,and an uncomfortable diaphragm guard, stepped into the crease..the bowler,bowled his ball, which he thought over ,while i was getting ready, that ball, made me walk back to the place,from where i came with all eagerness to bat..A good-length ball,kept low sneaked in-between my bat and pad and found the stumps and dislodged it!Later, my bowling wasn't worth commenting,two wides!..hmm,well, to get selected in team, performance is a crucial factor,which didnt happen to me...
need to learn the intricacies of playing, with a cricket ball!..

Sunday, April 1, 2007

i am given 15 days to get the 'car driver' in me, out!.. driven by laziness, one can end up doing something useful..hmmm, like say, going for driving classes ..more than the three alarms , i set to wake up early, the 1800 bucks i paid for the 'Driving classes' makes me to wake up early!. yeah!. its true ! its true!.. 5:50 am is the time slot, i 've chosen.. i never dreamt of learning the intricacies of driving so easily ..just got thefunda , in my third class.. but, nothing can beat the comforts of riding a bicycle !..

so, it was just my fourth class, somehow, the guy who coaches me, found some flaws in the way i drive, so, he promised extra attention, extra classes ( without the owner's notice), extra coaching, extra ttips, etc etc.. only for , only for some exchange of money!.. that fella asked me flat!, in turn i was taken aback!.. whether to say 'yes' or to say 'no'.. lots of movie dialogues suddenly raced in my mind for a split second!to quote from a tamil movie, " bribing is also wrong, receiving the bribe is also wrong" (Courtesy: The movie Indian). while my mind thinking , my reflexes reacted to the request , positively!. yes! i said, yes!!.. but why??.. really dont know.. its just a matter of fifty bucks going out of my hand, reaching the driving coach's, just fifty!, but that means a lot to him, but!.. there are around 10 such driving coachs, working for the guy who owns the driving schoo!.. just imagine his plight!.. if the coach scraps one class for a student, it means a day's fuel cost gone waste!.. when things like this continue, the owner might face a bad time!.. so should i be selfish , take up the class , should i be like.. what people might call this act , smart!.?.. hmm , well i paid him the money! didnt get an extra class!.. just asked him to teach me properly!.. sensible isnt'it?..