Saturday, April 16, 2011

Marine Drive

It is one of those phases in life when you get numb as a result of monotony , become slave of routine and end up being at boring best . I wanted to change this so ,i decided to get back to my first love, cycling!It never failed to enthuse and clear my clogged thought process.

So here i embarked on my 3 month old cycle , with my fancy headset on , started off around 4 am . As soon as i ventured out , was greeted by howls and incessant barkings of a pack of rowdy dogs .Quite peculiar is their behavior , during mornings they play "Jerry" , At the stroke of midnight they guard their territories like Afghan warlords and treat me like i am one English man in their Indian lands. Best way deal with them is to keep your head at one distant point and march ahead , despite their war-cries , i did the same . At a turning i took a rough census ,good god , around twenty of them .Was glad to escape their wrath.

After the unsavoury encounter ,Started cruising down the lanes , whizzing past early birds of the day, some had queer expressions when i met their eye , May be they don't understand my quest , or they would have wondered what on earth does this young man cycling for at this unearthly hour?Well, i answered them with similar queer looks.

Twisted , turned , rode with mad rage when i hit those roads which i normally would be waiting endlessly along with co-chennaittes cursing the signals and people who breach the yellow lakshman rekhas . There is some pleasure when you ride a bicycle , especially when you have the liberty to travel bothways , in a oneway, park in a noparkings, using the bell repeatedly indicating your grand arrival in every other turn and narrow alleys , But i didn't give specific attention to these pleasure giving details, which gave me immense pleasures during my school days.

The journey swallowed half-an hour and while Chennai still sleeping i entered the beach road , parked my suzuki carelessy and went towards the shore . The beach didn't look any different from 8 pm , the difference is, you can see sea of humanity sleeping on the sands at this hour ,which is normally occupied by sooth-sayers, forlorn singles , lovelorn Couples and other assorted groups in the society . It is actually bad to see those homeless people sleeping under their roofless bedrooms . But dare not ask them , during these hot hmonths ,Chennaites are put to greatest amounts of discomforts , they would do anything for a waft of fresh breeze .Considering the adjacent areas of the beach are congested , these people could be from those localities . Siphoning off with the aforesaid conclusion, i waited for Mr. Sungod to bath the sea with light.

It was around 5:30 am ,i realised that my wait is going to be wasted, for the sun hid behind the massive clouds for a long time .So, Headed home from the place which is a solace for every troubled human, the wonderful Marina bathed in morning light , faded faraway from my sight .

Reached home around 6:20 am , discounting the amount of time i spent relishing the tender coconut , it took 35 minutes to reach home and covered around 28 Kms .It was a refreshing ride and it did clear my clogged mind and am now well prepared for the adversities of life

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