Friday, July 27, 2007


yeah ok! long time since i mailed ,lots of things happened, blah blah!...finally one of the most important phase in one's life came to a very nice end!....yes my college is over amigos! that was 2 and a half months back.. since then, i wasn't busy,i wasn't held up anywhere but still I restrained myself from blogging, because I felt it is a quite complicated process when compared to eating and sleeping. I am to yet to join CTS ( Cognizant Tech Solutions)..i ‘ve been waiting for two months for them to call us..for CTS, the next influx is on August first week (like that I was bombarded with many other rumors, for the last 2 months) .from then on I ‘ll be called as a ‘ Professional’.

In that two months, after college really lot of things had happened, those wont be brought here for re-cap ( however, will be included in forthcoming posts) . ‘Lets get on with the present’ says my mind. Very recently ( two days back only) one of my relative asked me, what are your plans for the future? ..i stood there with my mouth searching for things , which one would say after completing college. MBA! There, three letters came to my mind , I jut spat those letters and stood there grinning .But, you know, people just don’t get satisfied. Followed by the initial killer question, another series of questions testing my views futuristic ambitions were fired at me, as expected, I was caught amidst the fire, it took some time for that fire to be extinguished (blurted out some satisfying answers). Phew!. But after that, a huge burnt question mark was etched all over me, that, relative of mine indeed had left a mark. MBA is not my kinda thing, please! Don’t want to follow the craze.. and nor do CTS gives me a heavenly feel.. a job has to give one a complete satisfaction, a sense of responsibility, that completeness is absent when I think of IT industry. Animation! just couldn’t hold on to it anymore. Next venture will be notified soon…