Monday, February 22, 2010

The north east

The north-eastern part of India, unlike any other part of any other country is totally unique. The demographics , terrain, resources, social problems constitute the uniqueness. I used to wonder why such uniqueness still maintained .

I had been to Sikkim during the last november.What i noticed is, the people of Sikkim are a educated lot, honest and hardworking! And also well informed about other parts of India.I was taken aback when one taxi driver essayed his view-points on Mr karunanidhi's arrest.. and also had strong views on politics. I found it strange when all had similar views.

Further going east we have Assam, Arunachal pradesh (yet to be explored by me ).Smitten by insurgency , terrorism , violence political instability and what not..
and the other sisters also share similar stories. The reasons for their obscured and disintegrated presence in the country's development process is largely because of geographical separation < and this cannot be a acceptable reason considering the fact that India is going to occupy the top slot in the world's "power-map" which houses one of the most sophisticated technical expertise in the world. these technologies can be used to reintegrate or rather integrate with the main land.

The integration can be made through various ways . Before exploring the ways the loop holes in the governance of the country should be patched up, namely the bureaucratic overreach, corruption , etc etc. The development shud be the top criteria , but on the pretext of development, the rich biodiversity in the north east should not be compromised..

a year and a half

Not many changes since i last posted.. the very thought of treading a uncertain path is scary.Nevertheless here am cocooned , awaiting the results due next week..

I was just wondering how the things going to shape up from next week ..Last one and a half ., had been busy preparing for exams, charting out weekly tasks and goals. These three months have got the impatience out of me.But, anyways it is part of this endeavor. Hoping for right things to happen for me.

Well this post is basically to say that this blog is alive!!