Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ashtama sanee

Yes! What happens when the staunch non-believer of astrology and its associated superstitions ,encounters a series of failures . And what remedial measures are suggested for course correction ? Hmm ..Yeah! i can hear people shouting astrology!! ( defects ) .

Yes!, my earthly existence is decided by some ruddy 9 planets [(a) sad that pluto is no more , but astro-gurus still use 9 b) Why no comets , i think they are cute with a tail c) Why not the asteroids, they aren't cute though d) why not the objects of the neighbouring galaxies? )] , And their eliptical ( path is altered and given some place along the veritices and edges of a star drawn on a small book , And This shall be my life-map which shall decide my social patterns, logical reasoning , marital prospects, core competence, and brighter n darker sides . Damn! i dont understand how is that possible . No i did not go through sufficient literature in astrology , But still i cant understand this astrological propositions and predictions . But , then i decided to get into the merits of astrology.

The recent predictions say June is moment of triumph in my life, and that is when all is going to be well .

fingers crossed !

P.S . for the uninitiated

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