Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bend it like Murali

10 and odd years back, with my narrow views, and unflinching support for nation's cricket team, i strongly disagreed each and every show of talent against our cricketers. I didn't accept Murali either, So did thousand others and prominents of the cricketing fraternity . Well, was he bogged down by those criticisms, no !or did he lose his enthusiasm.? no! no!. His focus coupled with dignity and grace is a thing to be learnt by the sportsmen of the generations to come.

800th in his final test is a fitting end to this man's illustrious career. Still ,there could be people criticizing this man, while i changed my views, and I am in full of admiration for this man, more for the way he carried himself all throught his 18 year career.There are less chances for anybody to break his record for at least say 20 years ,or more!!

Murali tussi great ho !!!!

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